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12 Slow Juicer Terbaik & Popular Di Malaysia, 2023

Berikut slow juicer terbaik dan popular di Malaysia.

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Apakah Slow Juicer?

  • Slow juicer adalah mesin jus yang terbaik untuk menghasilkan jus minuman yang berkhasiat.
  • Ianya menggunakan teknik ‘cold-press’ yang dapat mengekalkan khasiat buah di dalam jus minuman serta mampu menghasilkan saripati buah-buahan yang banyak dalam setiap gelas minuman.

Apakah Perbezaan Slow Juicer vs Blender?

Bagi anda yang tertanya-tanya apa beza slow juicer dan blender, disini saya terangkan perbezaannya.

Proses Membuat Jus Mengunakan Blender

  • Perlu kupas kulit buah yang hendak di buat jus.
  • Perlu potong buah kecil-kecil kemudian masukan ke dalam blender.
  • Hampasnya juga perlu di tapis sebelum boleh di minum.

Proses Membuat Jus Mengunakan Slow Juicer

  • Boleh masuk terus buah tanpa mengupas kulit. (tergantung saiz slow juicer yang anda pilih).
  • Slow juicer juga akan menapis semua hampas dan terus boleh minum jus selepas keluar dari mesin.
  • Teknik ‘cold press’ yang slow juicer gunakan juga amat baik dalam mengekalkan khasiat jus.

Dengan itu, secara amnya slow juicer adalah terbaik bagi pengemar minuman jus.

Ianya bukan sahaja menjimatkan masa, tetapi memberikan khasiat yang terbaik.

Terutamanya mereka yang mengamalkan diet sihat.

Senarai Slow Juicer Terbaik

1 Imbaco Apache JZ01

Lihat di Shopee

Penerangan produk

  • 55 rpm low speed for low temperature extraction
  • 99.99% Juice Yield
  • BPA-free Food grade material
  • Power: 130W
  • Size: W21 x L17 x H43 cm
  • Weight: 2.5Kg

2 SAVTM JE 07 Slow Juicer

SAVTM Slow Juicer

Lihat di Shopee

Penerangan produk

  • 55 rpm low speed for low temperature extraction
  • 98% Juice Yield
  • BPA-free Food grade material
  • Power:150W
  • Size: W21 x L17 x H43 cm
  • Weight: 4Kg

3 Russell Taylors Slow Juicer Juice SJ-6

Russell Taylors

Lihat di Shopee

Penerangan Produk

  • All the parts are made 100% BPA-free.
  • Easy to clean – reverse function avoid stuck and helps you to clean.
  • Space-saving design – ensures it doesn’t take up too much room.
  • Safe- the cold press juicer will not operate WITHOUT juicer cover in place.

4 Khind JE300


Lihat di Shopee

Peneraangan produk

  • Stainless steel shredder for hygiene
  • High speed motor for maximun extraction
  • Micro mesh filter for less pulp in juice
  • Rubber leg stopper for stability
  • Elegant design
  • 60mm diameter large feeding tube

5 MIUI Petit Slow Juicer SBL-1702E

MIUI Slow Juicer

Lihat di Shopee

Penerangan Produk

  • Power:120W Voltage:220-240V
  • Rotating speed:50RPM
  • Operation:Knob
  • Continuous working time:15 minutes
  • Packing size:283×145×287mm
  • Packing weight:1.7KG

6 PerySmith Ecohealth Series PS500

PerySmith portable Slow Juicer

Lihat di Shopee

Penerangan Produk

  • Power: 40W Voltage: 7.4V
  • Capacity: 280ml
  • Charging Time: 4 hours
  • Battery: 5V, Lithium Battery, 3000 mAh, Rechargeable (Type-C).
  • Rotation Speed: 55 RPM/Minute
  • Gross Weight: 1.5kg

7 Panasonic MJ-L500

Panasonic L500

Lihat di Shopee

Penerangan Produk

  • Low-Speed Compression
  • Stainless Screw
  • Frozen Attachment
  • Operation Rating : 2 consecutive cycles of 15 min.ON, then 30 min. OFF
  • Dimension : 18.5 X 17.6 X 43.2 cm
  • Mass : 4.0 Kg

8 Birkeshire SJ-150B-M

Birkeshire SJ-150B-M

Lihat di Shopee

  • Ergonomic handle for easy transport
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy cleaning with dishwasher-safe parts
  • Highly efficient, 150W power saving motor
  • Very gentle, low speed, cold press juicing at 60 RPM with minimal heat
  • BPA-free plastics & stainless steel components

9 Philips HR1811

Philips HR1811

Lihat di Shopee

Penerangan Produk

  • 300W juicer with 2 speeds for soft and hard fruit.
  • Voltage 220-240V, Frequency 50/60Hz
  • The micromesh sieve within the juicer enables you to enjoy healthy and delicious home made juice.
  • Compact design needs minimal space to store.
  • Product weight :2.48kg

10 Tefal ZC420E65

Tefal Slow Juicer

Lihat di Shopee

Penerangan Produk

  • 150W Power, 80 rpm Rotation speed
  • 0.8L Jug Capacity, 0.8L Pulp container capacity
  • 4 + reverse Speed setting
  • 45mm Feed Tube Diameter
  • Plastic Body Material
  • Plastic & Stainless steel Filter material, 2 Filter

11 Breville Juicer JE95

Breville JE95

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Penerangan Produk

  • The powerful 950W motor pushes fruits and veggies through the mesh filter to separate seeds and fiber, maximizing juice output.
  • You can have a glass of juice in 5 seconds, and be through clean up in not much more.
  • Easy clean design
  • The juicer takes limited space on the kitchen counter and is easy to store.
  • Dimension : 46x36x25 cm
  • Weight : 8Kg

12 Kuvings Reliable Ryan B1700

Kuvings Reliable Ryan B1700

Lihat di Shopee

Penerangan Produk

  • The patented Technology (J.M.C.S).
  • Slim design for saving kitchen space.
  • Fresh juice without any additives.
  • Smart Cap for combining juices and preventing leaks.
  • Safety-lock & Cooling system.
  • Quiet operation.

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